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Why Social Media Management Is Important For Business?

Today, many companies-big or small- have realized the importance of social media marketing in businesses. Almost every company is taking the initiative to reach customers through social media. Many companies are adopting social media in their business because of its unprecedented benefits like,

  • Can reach the new customers easily
  • Increases brand awareness
  • Increases sales
  • Can build a strong relationship with customers

Yes, every company can achieve these benefits by adopting social media marketing. But, do you know all these benefits are then possible only when there is proper social media management.

What is social media management?

Social media management is a process that includes choosing the right social media platform -Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, targeting the audience, managing content in the social media platforms, monitoring online conversations, increasing brand awareness, measuring performance and ROI in the social media pages.

  • It is not enough to create a social media account for the business, just sharing the details of the company in the descriptions, profiles and randomly posting the posts of something related to the product.
  • If that’s the case, then you are not managing social media platforms properly. 
  • Social media management must be done in a systematic strategic way to achieve better results.
  • If you are managing your business on social media vaguely without considering any strategic plan, then you cannot achieve the goals with which you adopted social media marketing.

Social media management includes these steps:

Developing the strategy: Businesses must make sure on which social media platform most of the target audience resides and then must choose the right social platform. Because it is waste of time and resources if you cannot reach your potential customers.

WWW: Businesses must answer these 3 w’s in their way of social ‘media management i.e. “What content should post?”, “What time should post ?”, “what way to post?”.  Once if these questions are carefully answered, you are half the way in social media management.

Posting: Your business posts must be scheduled on time and the quality of the post -images, video, content- must not be compromised. After all, It is by the good post we can grab the users and change them into the consumers of the products.

Engagement: It is not just enough to post on the social media platform. If the users have any queries or doubts regarding the product, businesses must engage with the customers to clear them. So that, engagement rate with customers increases.

Monitoring: It is important to analyze the impact of the above steps on the sales rate, increase in the number of customers, brand growth, ROI etc. If there are any issues, then businesses can readdress them to get further better results.

So to achieve the goals of your businesses, it is important to manage social media efficiently. Because “Social media is a double-edged sword. It has the power to do real good, but also the power to hurt”.  Every step of social media management is important for your business to reap the benefits of social media. So, social media management is a “must-do” thing for any business- especially in today’s digital marketing world.

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Are Influencers giving out desired results to brands?

Influencer marketing is a current trending marketing strategy that many companies regardless big or small are adopting.  Reach more customers, brand awareness, less expensive- are these all the advantages of influencer marketing. But it doesn’t mean the cons of influencer marketing can be neglected.

Though there are more successful influencer campaigns compared to failed campaigns in India, influencer marketing is still unpredictable. If it backfires, it brings more harm than good. Any mistake can cost your brand. Before adopting an influencer marketing strategy look at some real things about influencer marketing

Tough to choose a suitable influencer

There is an underlying assumption that the success rate of the influencing campaign depends on the number of followers that the chosen influencer has. But with the increasing number of bots in social media platforms, people are faking the number of followers to gain popularity as an influencer.  With the wrong influencer, you cannot gain the results that you are expected. Instead of looking into the number of followers focus on the engagement rate of the influencer. That helps to choose the better influencer for the campaign.

Not easy for unconventional sectors

Common sectors like food, fashion, cosmetics, etc. are seeing a lot of rising influencers every day. The other unconventional sectors like banking, education, and Finance have a very less number of influencers in social media. It can be tough for companies relating to those sectors to choose a better influencer. Companies in these sectors cannot rely on influencer marketing completely.

Don’t think Influencers will be responsive every time

Some fake influencers are approaching companies or brands for free samples. Once they got the products they are not responsive to the company hired. So, brands must carefully look into the authenticity of the influencer before choosing them and making them as an influencer.

Can backlash brand name sometimes:

When Virat Kohli was made as an ambassador of Uber India (#move forward), he backlashed on social media platforms, especially on Facebook. The netizens said that it is not correct to endorse a brand that the celebrities don’t use themselves.

Any influencer you select must be capable of endorsing your product or brand without causing any damage to the brand name or product. To avoid backlash, influencers must belong to the same niche and can use your products before suggesting them to their followers.

Some failed influencer campaigns in India: 

Jio India (#celebratingjio):  This campaign was almost successful but one simple mistake made it backfired i.e. ”copy-paste”. All the celebrities- influencers of Jio- did this on Twitter.

“Congratulations to the Jio family on this landmark day! This truly seems the beginning of digital India”. The message was copied and shared by all the influencers on Twitter.

Google Pixel:  Google pixel had collaborated with Anushka Sharma for the pixel 2 launches. She shared the twit of Pixel 2 with her iPhone which led to the failure of the campaign. She endorsed and promoted the smartphone which she doesn’t use at all.

Despite all of these failed campaigns, influencer marketing is still the best. Choosing the correct influencer, careful planning, providing all the details of the product to the influencer- all can avoid the failures of influencer marketing.

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