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Driving Appointments and Upselling Services

Client Overview

Our client, a consultancy firm specializing in helping startups leverage government grants and benefits through the Start Up India initiative, sought our expertise to streamline and boost their appointment booking process and subsequently upsell their registration services. The client’s initial offering included a consultation call priced at ₹499, with the ultimate goal of converting these calls into sales for their Start Up India registration services, priced at ₹12,999.


The primary objective was to develop a high-converting sales funnel that would:

  1. Drive traffic from Facebook and Instagram ads to a landing page.
  2. Facilitate appointment bookings for the consultation calls via Calendly.
  3. Convert these consultation calls into sales for the Start Up India registration services.

Strategy and Execution

1- Funnel Development:

  • Landing Page Creation: We designed and developed a high-converting landing page tailored to the client’s target audience. The landing page was integrated with Calendly for seamless appointment scheduling and Razorpay for secure payment processing.
  • Ad Creation: We created a series of compelling ads, including four video ads and one single post ad, emphasizing the benefits of the consultation call and the potential advantages of the Start Up India registration services.

2- Campaign Implementation:

  • Targeted Advertising: Utilizing Facebook and Instagram’s advanced targeting capabilities, we focused on entrepreneurs and small business owners who would benefit from government grants and services.
  • Automated Reminders: We automated messages through Calendly to ensure attendees would not miss their scheduled meetings on Zoom. This included reminder emails and SMS notifications.
  • Cost Management: We closely monitored and optimized the ad spend to reduce the cost per appointment over time.


Appointment Booking Goal:

  • The client aimed to book around 500 calls in a month. This target was achieved by the 42nd day of the campaign.
  • Following this success, we scaled the campaign to book 800 calls in the subsequent month as per the client’s instructions.

Initial Costs and Improvements:

  • In the first week, the cost per booked call was ₹250.
  • After a week, optimization efforts reduced this cost to ₹114.
  • By the end of the month, the cost per booked call further decreased to ₹76.

Conversion Rates:

  • Out of every 5 calls, 1-2 individuals opted for the Start Up India registration services.
  • This resulted in a conversion rate of 20-40% from calls to high-value service sales.

Key Metrics

  • Ad Performance:

    • Total ads created: 5 (4 video ads, 1 single post ad).
    • Cost per appointment:
      • Week 1: ₹250
      • Week 2: ₹114
      • Month-end: ₹76
  • Sales Performance:

    • Calls booked: Increased steadily over the campaign period, reaching the target of 500 calls by the 42nd day.
    • Registration services sold: 20-40% conversion rate from calls to service purchases.
    • Scaled to 800 calls in the subsequent month.


The campaign was a resounding success, demonstrating the effectiveness of a well-crafted performance marketing strategy combined with a high-converting sales funnel. By the end of the campaign, the client not only saw a significant reduction in their cost per appointment but also achieved a robust conversion rate, leading to substantial revenue from the upsell of their Start Up India registration services.