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Driving Sales for Final Expense Insurance through Optimized Call Generation

Client Overview

Our client, a USA-based insurance firm specializing in final expense insurance, sought our expertise to generate direct calls from potential customers interested in purchasing their insurance products. The goal was to create a seamless experience where a person could land on a landing page, click on a call button, and be connected to a central number, which would then distribute the call to different agents.


The primary objective was to develop a high-converting sales funnel that would:

  1. Drive traffic from Facebook ads to a landing page.
  2. Facilitate direct calls from the landing page to a central number, which would then be distributed to various agents using Ringba software.
  3. Optimize the campaign to reduce the cost per conversion while maximizing the return on investment.

Strategy and Execution

1- Funnel Development:

  • Landing Page Creation: We designed two variations of a high-converting landing page to perform A/B testing and determine the most effective design. Each page was integrated with a prominent call button to facilitate immediate connections.
  • Facebook Pixel Integration: Incorporated Facebook Pixel alongside custom events using the Conversion API to ensure precise tracking and optimization of conversion ads.

2- Campaign Implementation:

  • Ad Creation: Developed five different ads, including three video ads featuring humans, one animated video ad, and one static image ad. This variety allowed us to test different approaches and identify the most effective ad format.
  • Call Distribution: Utilized Ringba software to manage and distribute incoming calls to various agents, ensuring that calls were efficiently handled and converted.

3- Performance Optimization:

  • A/B Testing: Conducted A/B testing on the two landing page variations to identify the highest converting design.
  • Ad Performance Analysis: Monitored the performance of the five ads to determine which ad type (video with humans, animated video, static image) generated the best results.
  • Cost Management: Optimized the ad spend based on the data collected from Facebook Pixel and the Conversion API, refining targeting and ad placements to reduce the cost per conversion.


  • Initial Costs and Improvements:

    • In the first week, the average cost per conversion was $18 as the campaign was in the learning phase.
    • As the campaign optimized through the use of conversion events set up with Facebook Pixel, the cost per conversion decreased to between $4.70 and $6 on different days.
  • Revenue Generation:

    • Each call generated for the client resulted in an earning of $45, providing a substantial return on investment given the reduced cost per conversion.


The campaign was a significant success, demonstrating the effectiveness of a well-structured performance marketing strategy combined with precise tracking and optimization techniques. By the end of the campaign, the client not only saw a substantial reduction in their cost per conversion but also achieved a robust return on investment, with each call generating $45.