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Elevating Course Selling for Wilderbee Talent Camp with Zoho CRM


Wilderbee Talent Camp, founded by supermodel Lakshmi Rana, is India’s first all-inclusive talent camp. It aims to challenge traditional beauty standards and promote body positivity, inclusivity, and acceptance in the modeling industry. The camp provides comprehensive training for aspiring models, focusing on both personal and professional development.


Before collaborating with Findise Solutions, Wilderbee Talent Camp faced several challenges in their course selling process:

  1. Fragmented Lead Sources: Leads were scattered across various platforms, making it difficult to manage them effectively.
  2. Manual Lead Assignment: The manual process of assigning leads was inefficient and time-consuming.
  3. Monitoring Difficulties: There was no efficient way to monitor the lead management process and track performance.
  4. Unstructured Sales Pipeline: The lack of a structured sales pipeline led to missed opportunities and lower conversion rates.
  5. Communication Gaps: Ineffective communication channels with leads, particularly through WhatsApp and email, hindered engagement.
  6. Scalability Issues: The existing system couldn’t scale to meet the growing demands of the organization.


Findise Solutions implemented a customized Zoho CRM system to streamline Wilderbee Talent Camp’s lead management and enhance their course selling process:

  1. Centralized Lead Management: Integrated all lead sources into one centralized system, ensuring no leads were overlooked.
  2. Automated Lead Assignment: Implemented automated lead assignment based on predefined criteria, improving efficiency and response times.
  3. Enhanced Monitoring and Process Implementation: Set up detailed monitoring and process tracking to ensure smooth operations.
  4. Structured Sales Pipeline: Developed a clear, structured sales pipeline to improve lead conversion rates.
  5. Exotel Integration: Integrated Exotel for call IVR and recording, streamlining communication and ensuring all interactions were documented.
  6. WhatsApp Messaging: Leveraged Interakt for effective WhatsApp messaging, including bot automation, to enhance engagement.
  7. Email Automation: Automated email campaigns to nurture leads and improve conversion rates.
Strategies to Increase Admissions
1- Lead Nurturing: Automated lead nurturing sequences to keep potential students engaged and informed about upcoming courses and events. This included sending informative content, success stories, and course highlights.
2- Follow-Up Processes: Implemented a robust follow-up process for leads who showed interest but had not yet enrolled. This included timely reminders, personalized messages, and exclusive offers to encourage them to join.
3- Targeted Marketing Campaigns: Developed targeted email and WhatsApp marketing campaigns to reach potential students effectively. These campaigns were personalized based on the leads’ interests and previous interactions.


The implementation process was comprehensive and collaborative:

  1. Needs Assessment: Conducted a thorough assessment of Wilderbee Talent Camp’s existing processes and requirements.
  2. Customization and Integration: Tailored Zoho CRM to meet specific needs and integrated it with Exotel,and Interakt.
  3. Training: Provided extensive training to ensure the Wilderbee Talent Camp team could effectively use the new system.
  4. Go-Live and Support: Ensured a smooth transition to the new system with ongoing support to address any issues and optimize performance.


After the implementation, Wilderbee Talent Camp experienced significant improvements:

  1. Centralized Lead Management: A unified system for managing leads from multiple sources.
  2. Efficiency Gains: Automated lead assignment and enhanced monitoring saved time and reduced errors.
  3. Improved Sales Pipeline: A structured pipeline led to better tracking and higher conversion rates.
  4. Enhanced Communication: Integration with Exotel and effective WhatsApp messaging improved lead engagement and customer satisfaction.


The Wilderbee Talent Camp team was thrilled with the transformation. They appreciated the structured approach and the significant improvements in their lead management and sales processes. The training sessions were particularly valued, as they empowered the team to make the most of the new system.