5 Precious Tips That Get You Better In Google AdSense

I am a blogger. I write the content on my favorite niche in my blog. Recently, I decided to monetize my blog to earn more money from my blog. I decided to do what all of my fellow bloggers are doing i.e. “google ads”. Though I am running google ads in my blog what I am earning is not up to the expectation I kept. However, I saw people earning more from google ads. So, I always bother thinking about how to get better at google ads?

I know many of the new Google AdSense publishers might face the same problem. So, here are the 5 precious tips that can help you to improve in Google AdSense.

  1. Quality of the content:  Any user of google obviously uses google to search about a topic he is looking for. It might be books, technology, gadgets, games, etc. It might be anything all that they are looking for is “content”. After all, the content is the ultimate key to the success of any blog/website. The better quality content you provide to the reader, the more traffic you get to your blog/websites. Remember, the readers never accept ads in replace of content.
  2. Ad placement and ad format:  The most important aspect you must take care of while using google AdSense is where to place the ads in your blog without getting in the way of users. First of all, there are many sizes of ads that Google AdSense supports. Here is the list of popular:
  3. Medium rectangle ( (300×250)
  4. Large Rectangle (336×280)
  5. The Leaderboard (728×90)
  6. Half Page aka Large Skyscraper (300×600)
  7. Large Mobile Banner (320×100)(used for mobiles)
  8. Mobile Leaderboard (320×50)(used for mobiles)

Some ad formats available in Google AdSense:

  • Text ads
  • Video ads
  • Image ads

Before putting them, think of the users first. Try different ad formats. If you are not good enough at handling, you can always use auto ads. Auto ads are a feature provided by Google that helps you to place and optimize ads according to the website/blog. If you want to do it manually, you can always use the AdSense heat map for better organization of your blog/website.

But, according to high revenue AdSense earners, the medium rectangle ad size, text, and image ads are best to opt for any website/blog.

  1. Always track: It is always important to track the performance of things. Google Analytics, and ad experience report from google search console will allow you to do that. With the performance measure of Google, you can know your ads viewed, AdSense cost per click (CPC), AdSense click-through rate (CTR), ads clicked, etc.  Based on the data provided, you can enhance your ads better for your customers.

  1. Optimizing ads: For a better user experience of your website, optimizing the ads is the best way so that it can increase the quality, performance, and traffic of your site. Auto optimize option is made available in AdSense where google runs ads for you for better optimization.
  1. Geo-targeting: The AdSense cost per click is different for different countries. If you can target the audience from those countries which have high CPC, then your AdSense revenue will also increase. Countries like the United States, Australia, United Kingdom, and Finland have high CPC rates.

The practice of the above 5 things in your google ads can help you to increase your google ad revenue considerably. It is always tough to create a balance between user experience and revenue but it is not hard though. All you need to do is find some time for google ads and better run different experiments on it. So that you can master the AdSense easily.

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3 Instagram Verification Myths, How To Get Instagram Account Verified

Instagram is one of the trending social media platforms used by individuals to influencers, notable persons to global brands.  People who use Instagram these days search very frequently for a topic i.e. “How to get a blue tick to my Instagram account”.

This blue badge in any Instagram account is a sign that a particular Instagram account is verified and officially belongs to that user. 

At the outset, it is introduced to avoid fake accounts of celebrities, notable persons, global brands, or anyone who has a high chance of impersonation. But the craze of this has been increasing constantly among the influencers, businesses of Instagram as there are certain benefits that come along with them. So, there are some myths fabricated about this trend.  Here, some myths are debunked for you.

The blue badge is only for those who have a large number of followers:

 Almost everyone believes that “With a large number of followers, I can get my account verified”. This is just a notion that stuck in almost all the users of Instagram including micro and Nano influencers. The 4 key requirements to get your account verified, according to Instagram, are

  • Authenticity
  • Uniqueness
  • Complete
  • Notability

So, the number of followers doesn’t actually matter to get you a blue badge. Anyone who has even 1K followers also can undoubtedly request verification, if they think their account is at the stake of impersonation.

Accounts can be verified if you pay: Many people who want to get a blue badge generally ask “How much does it cost to get my Instagram account verified?”. This is not true. You cannot purchase the blue badges for your accounts just like that. If someone comes to you to do so, then remember you might be on the bait of a swindler.

The verification process of an Instagram account doesn’t cost you a single penny. It is absolutely “free”. All you need to do to get your Instagram account verified is, go to the option “request verification” in the menu of your own Instagram account and fill out the details asked. Instagram will take time around 2-4 weeks to check your request. If you meet all 4 important requirements, your account gets verified. That’s all.

Increase engagement rate: The engagement rate per post on Instagram is the total number of people who viewed the posts, left the likes, and dropped the comments divided by the total number of followers. The engagement rate depends on a lot of matters like the quality of your posts, your content, hashtags, etc.  But, people have an impression that a blue badge alone can increase the engagement rate, which is absolutely wrong.

Even if the posts of the users, who have a verified badge, are not qualitative and useful then followers may no longer be retained.

So-as influencers and businesses-you can always prove your authenticity to the audience with your content, qualitative posts, engaging with them, completing your profile on Instagram, etc. even without a blue badge verification. So, Instagrammers who are trying to get their account verified, beware of these myths.

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